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How Corporate Boards Can Curtail Sexual Harassment

Beth I.Z. Boland, president of the National Association of Corporate Directors New England Chapter, writes in the Boston Globe (Nov. 21) there are several steps boards can take to curtail sexual harassment and foster greater inclusion. One, ask tough questions of management to gauge their efforts in creating a culture of inclusion. Two, review the organization's sexual harassment policies and investigation procedures. To this end, consider creating a hotline with direct access to the board for serious complaints involving management. Three, determine if the company's diversity and inclusion training and programs represent a serious and thoughtful approach that permeates the organization. Finally, when boards do have an open seat, prioritize searches for female candidates and candidates of color. Boland concludes, "Directors should ensure they are fostering an environment with a level playing field that allows the talent in their companies to rise, regardless of gender or ethnicity."

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